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About Us

Who we are

We are a Board Games Company run by gamers For gamers. Ash has had over 200 independent ideas over the course of 40 years and with the introduction of crowdfunding sites such as kickstarter bringing these ideas to fruition is soon to be reality 

What we do

Our games range from classic board and card games to tabletop games and rpg.

We start with a raw concept add rules and core mechanics with lore and design to turn the original idea into a full fledged game. we work closely with local companies and designers in order to make our project the best it can be.

How We Help

Not only do we make and release games but we can also appear at games clubs and conventions to showcase our games and aid and explain them as well as help others develop their own ideas into games.

The Team

Ash Dyer

Managing director and developer

Over 40 years of gaming experience Man and boy basically I never grew up.

I come up with the ideas, game mechanics and aid with presentation and communication.

Jake Dyer

Media Manager and developer

Streamer, Medieval Knight and all round game enthusiast. 

At ASH Games I help to run the social media pages and I aid with the general devlopment and idea fluency needed to make our games.

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ASH Games

Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

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